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Uppity Bitch Taught A Lesson

6:00 Minute Bondage Video: In her own words, "I'm a very important model."That's the attitude Angel has as she works for a well known photographer, she's incredibly beautiful but her narcissism is making him angry so he decides to teach the hot bitch a lesson. In a stunning move he threads a crotch rope through her "very important" pussy and quickly gags her and leaves Angel to writhe and struggle on the floor making for some of the sexiest and hottest scenes you can imagine!
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Raquel Is A Cruel Mistress

9:12 Minute Bondage Video: Star Nine lays helplessly bound in a frog tie which gives Raquel Roper easy access to the tied girl's pussy and she takes full advantage by shoving a vibrator hard against her tender clit and what follows is nothing short of amazing! But Raquel isn't satisfied with just one orgasm, she holds the vibe tight against Star's pussy wringing one cum after another until they become extremely painful which leaves the naked girl gasping and sexually exhausted!
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Watching Sarah Suffer

4:02 Minute Bondage Video: The gagged groans of severe physical distress are 100% real and one look at how cruelly tight Sarah is bound you'll understand why. Her elbows are absolutely crushed together behind her back, the rope holding her forearms against her back is tied excruciatingly tight, the gag is punishingly large and pries her jaws achingly wide and as she struggles you almost have to feel sorry for her...but not me. In fact I'm rather enjoying Sarah's suffering and so will you, I guarantee it!
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Clit Clipped Niece Forced To Cum!

9:09 Minute Bondage Video: After Wenona was caught masturbating by her aunt and uncle she was quickly tied and forced down into the garage where her punishment will be severe! Strung up in a strappado the naked, drooling and terrified girl endures a clothespin clipped to her tender clitoris, then she is forced to balance on one quivering leg and eventually her uncle uses a vibrator to force a screaming orgasm from his naughty niece and you have a front row seat to watch it all unfold!
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Painful Outdoor Orgasms!

8:04 Minute Bondage Video: Sarah has been cruelly tied to a post as punishment for being bad, the ropes hold her body firm, the gag fills her mouth uncomfortably full and now as she watches a vibrator is being taped to her thigh and is pressed tight against her clit! Once it's switched on the toy wrings orgasm after orgasm from her tethered body until she just can't take it anymore and groans, "No more!" But I insist on one final cum and Sarah has no choice but to accept that and once she orgasms yet again she is left tied to the pole for the rest of the afternoon to finish out her punishment.
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Daddy Made Me Cum And Then He Hogtied Me!

10:15 Minute Bondage Video: Sebrina lays bound and gagged on the floor and watches as her dad gets a vibrator which he quickly uses to wring not one but two soul crushing orgasms from her tethered body leaving her gasping, sore and desperate to be set free. Instead he ropes his daughter into an absolutely brutal hogtie, including her toes and leaves her for the afternoon and one look at this suffering girl will melt your heart...the bondage is THAT harsh!
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Outdoor Punishment For Sarah

8:03 Minute Bondage Video: Sarah is led naked and leashed outside where she knows her punishment will take place, she's been bad and understands there will be consequences and kneels submissively against the post where she is tied painfully tight. From there her body is my playground, her pussy is spanked, she's harshly gagged and left to struggle and await her fate!
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High Pressure Orgasms For Anabelle

9:06 Minute Bondage Video: Anabelle Pync is spread and tethered against a wall, she's gagged securely and is wondering what the Badman has planned, after giving her crotch and thighs a good swatting she finds out her fate...a high pressure hose is going to be used to torment the hell out of her! After soaking her body from head to toe the nozzle is focused directly on Anabelle's pussy and especially her clit and as you might expect it stings like the devil but stunningly she begins to enjoy the pain and actually cums! After more hosing she is driven to a second hot orgasm with the water making for a very interesting way to cum!
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Briella's Oral Humiliation!

7:00 Minute Bondage Video: Naked and helpless Briella endures one nightmare after another and it starts with the tied girl being forced to lick her own nipples, then a thick dildo is jammed into her mouth until the drool falls in huge gobs from her abused mouth and still there's more. After painfully tying her elbows Briella is cruelly and very harshly gagged leaving her a groaning, slobbering, struggling mess of a woman!
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CIA Interrogation!

12:10 Minute Bondage Video: Annabelle is a new recruit with the CIA and as she sits tied agonizingly tight with cruel thin cord she thinks she's been captured for interrogation and what follows is truly horrific for the innocent girl! Her masked captor uses high pressure water to torture her til she screams and begs for mercy, the hose is left to drip on her head, he uses it between her legs and the scenes are as classic as you can imagine and truly gut wrenching! But when the interrogation is finished she is told it was all a test to see if she could withstand capture by the real bad guys and the final scenes of Annabelle sobbing in the chair tell you what she has endured for the sake of her career.
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Twine Tied Agony For A Naked Girl

9:09 Minute Bondage Video: Charlotte had no idea the creepy photographer was going to tie her with ultra thin twine but at first it was just her wrists and she managed but when the bastard used twine on her elbows it was just too much and she begged him stop! Instead he gagged the stunned babe and touched her in ways he had no business doing and through it all the creep never says a word making her ordeal that much worse!
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She Should Have Known Better!

6:08 Minute Bondage Video: Briella had not been bound or gagged in well over a year, she recently had her first baby and while she was eager to get back into bondage she wanted me to go easy on her for her first time and she should have known better. I gagged her with a cruel wooden ballgag, tied her extremely tight and left her to whimper before finally roping the naive girl into an excruciating hogtie and left her for the afternoon. Yeah...never trust the Badman!
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The Agony And The Aftermath

9:25 Minute Bondage Video: Angel specifically asked for the zip ties, she's a total masochist and wanted the experience and as the second and final chapter opens she is suffering in ways that will make you wince. But it's her gagged screams that are the true highlight and she endures it as long as she can but eventually Angel can take no more and gives in and what follows is nothing short of incredible. As the zip ties are cut you are witness to what a girl goes through in such a grueling video, it's every bit as painful as actually being bound and it's something you do not want to miss!
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I Hogtied My Sister!

10:11 Minute Bondage Video: Rachel's brother has had enough of his sexy sister wearing her teeny outfits when she works out so to teach the cock tease a lesson he puts the stunned girl in excruciating bondage, including a jaw wrenching gag! Her elbows are slammed and cinched to her waist and the final agony is a severe hogtie that leaves Rachel groaning and utterly helpless!
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He Made Me Kiss My Tied Up Daughter!

8:00 Minute Bondage Video: The forced lesbian bondage that theses two innocent women continues as they are placed belly to belly and made to kiss....and not simple pecks on the lips but deep, tongue sucking wet kisses that will melt your screen with hotness! When he's satisfied with that he grabs daughter Bailey, forces her legs apart and uses a vibrator to make her cum while her mother Sadie is forced to watch! it's gut wrenching, it's hot and something you just can't miss!
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Amanda's Desperate Agony!

15:41 Minute Bondage Video: Amanda had no idea that the Badman was going to take things to such an extreme level, it went from being tied tight to something that brings the high heeled beauty to near tears of distress and agony! Her elbows are brutalized, her tits are crushed with rope, she's groped mercilessly and she's eventually hogtied and after letting Amanda suffer for a while she's made to beg for mercy...which isn't going to come! VERY harsh bondage!
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