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Training Sorority Pledge Luna Lain

7:05 Minute Bondage Video: Candle Boxxx is the house mother of a VERY exclusive sorority and she sent me beautiful pledge Luna Lain to make sure she has the right stuff to be accepted. Luna will be required to take on all the jocks at the school so her ass and pussy will need stretching so she is given a butt plug and uses her tied hands to insert the toy which she does willingly, grudgingly but willingly. She wants desperately to please Candle and if this is what it takes she'll comply and damn is it hot to watch!
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Tied Me Up Next To My Hot Sister!

6:06 Minute Bondage Video: It took some convincing by Annabelle to talk her home from college sister into letting their dad tie them up but after showing Alexis photos of their mom all tied up she managed to talk her into it so after calling their father downstairs they asked if he would do it. Of course he agreed and starting with Annabelle he tied her hands, feet and then gagged her as Alexis watched and then it was her turn and soon both hot sisters were tightly bound and gagged and looking spectacular!
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Britney And Renna Get A Mouthful!

9:08 Minute Video: In the third and final chapter of this insanely hot video Britney is licking her tied friend Renna's sweet pussy driving the gorgeous brunette crazy with sexual delight and you get some hot close ups of all the tongue action! But eventually it's time to gag the girls and for Renna it's her first ever ballgag and damn does she look stunning as does her blonde friend Britney. Both girls pose and flirt making for a great way to wrap things up!
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Brit and Renna - Tied And Kissing!

5:11 Minute Video: Britney and Renna truly love each other which is very obvious as you watch them deeply kiss each other with their hands tied behind their backs! Soft moans escape their lips as they share tongues and erotically kiss and lick each other's perfect breasts and with hot close ups this is a video you absolutely MUST see!
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Gia Hill

4:04 Minute HD Video: The Bondage Virgin II. Brutal Reverse Prayer, Roped on Screen. Tough start to her bondage career!
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Bound And Masturbating

3:25 Minute Bondage Video: Sebrina knows that while a crotch rope can be painfully punishing it can also bring sexual pleasure and the sultry babe takes full advantage of that knowledge! Dragging her tied hands around front she grabs the rope splitting her pussy and starts tugging at it salaciously and it gets to the point where she might actually bring herself to orgasm and sure enough she masturbates herself to that ultimate pinnacle making for a vid you have GOT to see!
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Bound And Groped For Cash! Part One

12:34 Minute Bondage video: Kimmy needed money bad and knowing her neighbor pays girls to get tied up she figured it would be some easy money but the sexy girl had no idea what it would involve. Once helpless Kimmy is heavily groped, stripped, brutally gagged and made to expose herself to the perverted guy, she's humiliated beyond words and the ropes hurt bad but she has no choice if she wants to get paid! Tons of sexy hand gagging scenes highlight this intense video!
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Hogtied Waxed Horror!

5:48 Minute Bondage Video: When I told Sebrina she would be getting waxed today she thought I was going to treat her to a day at the spa but she couldn't have been more mistaken! After brutally hogtying the naked girl I showed her the candle that would soon be dripping hot wax on her tender ass...and then I do it! Drip...Drip...Drip and oh the screams that came from her gagged mouth! Very Intense stuff!
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Hard Tied Orgasms For Sarah Brooke

11:10 Minute Bondage Video: Sarah is tied excruciatingly tight and the naked girl is subjected to one sexual torment after another in this incredibly hot video that is going to rock your world! Her elbows are mercilessly crushed together and the gag is strapped as tight as possible, her twat is smacked, her exposed body is groped and used like my personal playground and Sarah is driven to one hot orgasm after another that leaves her gasping and exhausted!
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Naked Interrogation! Part One

12:00 Minute Bondage Video: Sebrina has run afoul of her drug running partner Rob when her boyfriend Tony took money from a deal he had no business taking and now the sexy girl has been stripped naked and is going to be forced to give up the details and the location of the missing money. Brutal bondage combined with both physical and mental abuse is used to get Sebrina to talk but will it work? Only time will tell!
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Spread, Gagged And Vulnerable!

11:05 Minute Bondage Video: Victoria groggily awakes to find she's been stripped naked, gagged and tied spreadeagle on a strange bed, she's obviously terrified and when her apparent captor finally enters he says he did this because he's tired of her cock tease ways in the nightclub and is going to teach her a lesson! And that lesson is one crushing forced orgasm after another that leaves Victoria screaming and exhausted! Yeah, you know you wanna watch!
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Told To Plug Herself

4:05 Minute Bondage Video: Natalie was going to be coming over for some bondage fun but before she did I instructed her to use the butt plug I sent and then crotch rope it with a length of cord before getting dressed and making the trip over. And she did exactly that! Wanna watch?
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The Subjugation Of Maria

4:45 Minute Bondage Video: Sultry Maria Jade is put through her paces in one sexually charged and physically harsh scene after another, heavily groped, spanked, teased beyond words and made to do whatever the Badman says! Maria's submission is total, grueling and oh so hot!
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Brutalized With Tape

5:01 Minute Bondage Video: I went all Badman big time on Natalie, I taped her arms so tight her limbs are a disaster of pain and agony, the leather belt tied in her mouth is every bit as harsh but that's not the worst of it. I bind Natalie's heavy tits to the bursting point then slap and abuse them until she screams like a banshee, this isn't what she signed up for which makes this all the sweeter! If you like your bondage painfully tight this vid is custom made for you.
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A Girl In Hell

8:25 Minute Bondage Video: The zip ties Circling Sebrina's limbs are sadistically tight and dig deep into her flesh, she groans in agony as her toes are then zip tied and she is eventually put into a ball tie that leaves the poor girl in absolute hell. She can barely twitch a muscle and would surely starve before ever getting free...it's THAT tight! Don't let Sebrina suffer alone, check out what she endured just for you!
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Sorority Hazing

4:37 Minute Bondage Video: Luna Laine has applied to a very exclusive sorority and House Mother Candle Boxxx has asked me to make sure Luna has what it takes to be a member which is to endure extreme sexual bondage. Stripped naked Luna is made to squat on a vibe taped to a chair as she is tied, her beautiful face shows her apprehension but if she wants to join she'll have to pass the test. Hot vid with a special introduction by Candle Boxxx herself!
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