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Hatefully Masturbated And Brutally Hogtied!

7:35 Minute Bondage Video: A rope is tossed near an already bound and gagged Sebrina to hogtie her but she manages to stuff it down her panties in the hopes of escaping the hogtie but instead the Badman shoves his hand down her panties and uses the rope to painfully masturbate her into a screaming orgasm! And then it's pulled from her panties and Sebrina is roped into an excruciating hogtie that leaves her in drooling agony!
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Sarah's Sexual Torture

6:01 Minute Bondage Video: Not for the squeamish, Sarah Brooke is subjected to extreme bound sexual torment that borders on torture and there's not a single thing she can do about it. Her clit and nipples are clipped with clothespins and she is teased mercilessly with a vibrator...oh, and yeah....she's tied painfully tight and cruelly gagged in that Badman way you have come to love! Don't leave Sarah to suffer alone....watch this vid!
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Orgasm Therapy

8:08 Minute Bondage Video: Briella has been unable to have an orgasm with her boyfriend for a while so she sought the help of a therapist who awakened her submissive nature and after tying her painfully tight he used a vibrator and wrung several intense orgasms from her bound body! It seems she needs bondage to cum!
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Hard Gagged And Fondled

5:10 Minute Bondage Video: Maria Jade has naively let herself be put into bondage by the Badman and ever since he's taken full advantage of her helpless body! Her mouth is as of yet unfilled so a foul, unwashed rubber ball gag is brutally strapped on her mouth and she is then subjected to heavy groping and mockery of her bound agony! Yeah...she should have known better.
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Make Me Fucking Cum You Bastard!

6:06 Minute Bondage Video: Bella adores being tightly tied and used sexually, she willingly spreads her legs allowing access to her sweet pussy but it's torturous, she is teased and tormented until she cums but it goes much deeper than that. This bitch is in fucking heat and you have go to see Bella's forced submission, it's simply epic!
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Plugged And Hogtied Stripper

8:23 Minute Bondage Video: When Annabelle was hired for a stripping gig she had no idea it was a ruse to get her alone and after being brutally bound and gagged the terrified girl is about to endure something from a nightmare! Her captor pushes a plug deep in her ass, crotch ropes it in place and leaves her to sob and struggle. Eventually she's hogtied and told she'll never know freedom again!
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Wired Into A Brutal Hogtie!

10:16 Minute Bondage Video: Rachel has been bound with uber thin speaker wire that bites hatefully into her girl flesh, especially her elbows, she's been used and abused all afternoon and the second and final chapter is no less harsh! A vibe is used to drag one orgasm after another from her body, the drool flows and Rachel screams in a mix of pain and pleasure that is rare to see. Then she is achingly bound into a severe hogtie with that same, cruel wire and left for the rest of the afternoon!
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Stubborn Amazon In Hell

10:38 Minute Bondage Video: Mandy is a stubborn women who prides herself in the ability to endure truly cruel bondage, she hates it to be sure so when I started to rope her elbows she fought hard but soon found her limbs achingly tied putting her in immediate distress! She was hard gagged and her forearms were cinched to her back which put Mandy in severe agony yet she refused to give in, even after changing the gag to mouth packing she whimpered desperately with no end in sight! THIS is tight stuff folks!
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Whipped Then Forced To Cum

5:01 Minute Bondage Video: This is Angel Knight's first experience with paracord and eventually her elbows will be tied with that hateful thin cord but first she needs a bit of tenderizing so after giving her pussy a few solid swats the sexy girl is shoved against a wall, her tied hands are pulled up and her thighs and ass are severely whipped with a leather belt! Then to ease her pain a vibe is jammed against her pussy and Angel is driven to several hot orgasms that leave her gasping and heaving on the floor! Wanna watch?
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Baby Sitter Forcibly Vibed To Tears

6:06 Minute Bondage Video: When Sebrina agreed to play a "tie up" game she had no idea it would turn so sadistic and brutal, Bobby and Cindy have roped her into agony, gagged her and just watch with funny little smiles on their faces. And when they tape a vibrator between her legs Sebrina is shamed beyond belief as she is driven to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until she lays sobbing, exhausted and waiting for the next orgasm to torture her bound body yet again. THIS...is special!!!!
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Cleansing Candle's Colon

6:29 Minute Bondage Video: Candle is in a very vulnerable situation that her sociopathic captor intends to take full advantage of, the naked girl is painfully tied and when she screams it's because he's pushed an enema tube into her tight ass and fills her colon with a full bag of water! Then to keep it all in he uses a butt plug and leaves the suffering girl to deal with the pain and cramps of a sadistic enema!
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Cursed Nurse!

7:44 Minute Bondage Video: Home Health Care nurse Lexi has run afoul of her patient who loves bondage and is having his way with the terrified young nurse, he strips her uniform off, finger fucks her sweet pussy, gags the stunned woman and that just touches the surface of what this video has to offer! Sexual bondage at it's finest!
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Porn Babe Xaya Impaled And Masturbated

6:01 Minute Bondage Video: Xaya is desperate to have the dildo taped to a chair in her pussy but with her hands attached overhead she can't lower herself enough which frustrates her no end but relief is on the way. Xaya's hands are taken down but remain tied and then it happens, she impales herself on the thick dildo and is manually masturbated to orgasm by the Badman. Then left on her own Xaya's uses her tied hands to bring herself to yet another crushing orgasm and it's something you really have to see!
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Raquel's Virgin Enema

8:31 Minute Bondage Video: Raquel has been forced into a position with her ass in the air where she is about to receive the very FIRST enema of her life, every scream is real, every tear shed is real and it's NOT something for the faint of heart! Her colon is painfully filled with warm water and when the enema bag is empty the water is kept in with a butt plug and that's how Raquel is left as the lights go out for the night. This is extremely intense and 100% real so if you have the guts take a look, it's something you will never, ever forget! A Badman Video Classic!
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Bailey's Sobbing Agony

9:30 Minute Bondage Video: Strap yourselves in for another Badman vid that is as harsh and brutal as you've come to expect, Bailey endures an excruciating elbow tie that immediately has her in severe distress and she's soon in sobbing agony that doesn't let up for a second! Bailey is proud and refuses to give in which only pushes me to push her even further and ends with the suffering girl in a brutal hogtie, her eyes speak of the hell she is in but if she won't give in then neither will I!
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Mom Daughter Forced Lesbian

4:03 Minute Bondage Video: It's every parents nightmare, Alexis and her daughter Heather have been tied up by an intruder for the sole purpose of making them indulge in lesbian sex which disgusts both women yet they have no choice but to comply! First Alexis is made to go down on her daughter and when he's satisfied with that he makes them deeply kiss and again they have no choice and do as they're told. Sex soaked scenes in every frame of this taboo video!
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